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July 15, 2017¤ by Ferris Bueller 

Mega Cat Studios has just put out a handful of new NES titles, including the ambitiously designed Expedition. We say ambitious, because we’ve never seen anything quite like it. This NES special edition of Expedition comes complete with a copy of the Expedition card game (kickstarted in 2016) to get you started, along with the NES companion cart. From there, choose one of the quests on the cart and wield your 20 sided die as you play through, battling evil-doers and finding hoards of cheese!
Also available now are Almost Hero, Log Jammers, and City Trouble, which has 50 Limited Edition copies available. Follow the hyperlink below to all four titles.


July 10, 2017¤ by Ferris Bueller 

It's animated. It's dark. It's not for kids. 

That's right, Netflix has brought Castlevania to a new medium, and it's very, very interesting. We're still watching through it, but so far we're liking what we're seeing. Too bad there are only four episodes to start! Which Belmont are we following? Guess you'll have to watch the show to find out!


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