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March 22, 2019¤ by K3VBOT 

The First NES Homebrew Dungeon Crawler to hit the market. Programmed by Sly Dog Studios, and presented to you by K3VBOT's Homebrew Highlights Candelabra: Estoscerro is a 3-D style, action-adventure, dungeon crawler in which the heroes from the games "The Mad Wizard", "The Scarlet Matron", and "The Warlord Slayer" band together in a quest compelled by the king. Exploration within a maze environment while battling enemies and enemy bosses are the fundamentals of the game. Your journey will be complete upon reaching the plateau's top and finding the Candelabra. 

Buy a cart, get a CIB, or snag the whole trilogy together all at one time! Then pick up a controller, NES or Virtual Boy (wait, what?), and get started on the last of these holy quests. Presenting...


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March 04, 2019¤ by Ferris Bueller 

It's time again for a Kickstarter round up. Here are three projects that are live and fully funded. Take a look at these sure things and place an order before time runs out!

Another 'new' old game by The Oliver Twins, there are still 5 days left for you to get in on this fully funded 8-bit adventure. Pledge for the rom or a boxed copy of the game and have them autograph it all for extremely affordable prices ($10-$60). We personally hope that the closet they keep finding these unreleased games in is just a little deeper!

Panic! Dizzy by the Oliver Twins


Ultimate Guide to the SNES 

Pat the NES Punk has tackled the Super Nintendo in a monstrous tome of 450 pages. With 11 days left, you can pick up a copy for $60. It covers the nearly 800 games officially released in North America and PAL territories, along with a section on unreleased titles. Taking bets on what's next: N64 or Gameboy?

Pat's Ultimate Guide to SNES

Complete SNES: Pocket Book 

Where Pat went big, Jeffrey Whittenhagen has gone small and shrunk his SNES book down to travel size! With just a little over 1 day left to pledge for this project, you can pick up a digital or hard copy for under $30. If you're into homebrew releases, you can also purchase one of three SNES games along with your book: Sydney Hunter, Little Medusa, or Socks the Cat!

Whittenhagen's SNES Pocket Book

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