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July 26, 2016¤ by Ferris Bueller 

That's right folks, years of waiting are about to come to fruition and this is the beginning of the end. Honestly, I'm so excited I'm not even sure what to put here! The packaging is beautiful, the clear case is fantastic, and it's going to come with a wireless controller.

To reserve your number, he's doing requests in four rounds. Round One you'll need to get out your other NES competition carts, because bunnyboy is taking orders based on previous numbers, going in this order of priority: NAHBWC, NANWC, NWC, and finally NCC.
Round 2 starts now!  You'll need one of the carts/items listed here: Gold Airball, Gold NCC, Glider Special Edition, Golden Ticket, SPPC Special Edition, or Special NESnake 2. Round 3 starts now!  If you have any homebrew that was originally published in 2009 or earlier, post a picture in the thread (not a link) showing you playing the cart (NES with cart, tv, you all in the picture) and which number you want.  

And it sounds like any unclaimed number will be open for anyone. Payment of $650 to be made through, so start saving that disposable income!



Here's what you'll be getting!
  • AVS in clear case with black buttons and gold label
  • Handmade traditional Japanese wood toolbox, big enough to hold AVS + gamepads + games
  • Hard cover AVS history book with photos from development
  • NES cart shaped USB drive loaded with photos
  • Your choice of one launch title in clear case
  • Wireless gamepad in clear case (shipping later)
  • Printed COA
  • Anything else bunnyboy can think of before then!
Visit this thread here to reserve your number today!
Reservation Thread


July 16, 2016¤ by Ferris Bueller 

Fellow NAer BigIVIO has recently released his Harvest Moon 64 Player's Guide on his website Gerry's Guides, a project he's been working on for over a year. This thing is super detailed and the time and effort he spent on it really comes through. To accompany the release, BigIVIO is also doing a kickstarter to launch more guides in the future. Check out his kickstarter or buy a guide and show some NA love for another member of our community putting out something new!

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